Our real estate law department: provides, particularly in real estate purchase and sale transactions, on immovable property rights, and the right of cancellation of the previous transactions, the right to cancellation, preparation of the tenancy agreement tge effectivity during the administration of the contracts related management consulting and litigation services.


Our attorney service is to provide exceptional service to the foreign persons and companies throughout the REAL ESTATE transactions in Turkey:

As is known, pursuant to the legislation in force in Turkey, the transfer of the immovable properties is possible with the official deed and registry to be signed in the Directorates of Land Registry. It is possible to sign “preliminary sales contract” in the presence of a Notary Public. However, it is not possible to acquire the immovable property with the “preliminary sales contract” or external sales contract signed in the presence of a Notary Public. The official registry in the Directorate of Land Registry is required for the transaction to be concluded. Therefore, as your attorney, we pursue the whole process and we pursue and conclude the transactions on your behalf without risking the purchasing transaction.

Appraisal Services ; we specialize in residential and commercial Real Estate appraisals :

It is the independent and impartial designation of the possible value of the real estate that you have decided to purchase (namely, current value and real value) at the time of purchase through the Real Estate Appraisal Company authorized by ‘the Capital Markets Board of Turkey’. The real value is stated in the appraiser’s report obtained from the relevant companies, so you can understand whether your investment is right or wrong. We pursue these transactions as your proxy.

Why you should work with an attorney :

  • Just as you would use an attorney to acquire a property at home, you should do the same in Turkey.
  • First of all the sale contract will be in Türkish, it is beneficial for you to be checked by your attorney.
  • In case of your absence with your ‘ power of attorney ‘ some documents can be signed without inconveniencing you.
  • Your attorney will ensure that seller has applied for your ‘ Miilitary Clearance ‘
  • Your attorney will save you time, money and avoid risk
  • You will have no legal problems concerning inheritance.
  • Your attorney will provide legal advice regarding the construction company you are dealing with, in Turkey.
  • You will be consulted regarding Tax and insurance.
  • The most construction companies have an attorney, so should you. Turkish Lawyers Aydın Aydın Law Firm